Stupid People Make Me Angry

I assume they make most other people angry too. The unexpected outburst of rage I am currently expressing is a direct result of making it two minutes into the Nightly Show round table segment discussing the merits of vaccinations. The second person that spoke was the president of some organization spouting nonsense about parenting smart, […]

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Sure, I’ll get to that

I should go to bed now. Unfortunately for my body, the part of my brain that thinks stuff (despite not being fully formed for like 7 more years) is totally active. Specifically, it is writing this blog post. The point of this blog post, according to the part of my brain that is opposed to […]

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Not the New York Times

I wish that I was a writer for the New York Times, or the Washington Post, because that would be really cool. But instead I write a blog which is named after a high school wiffle ball club [of which I am President]. This means a couple of things. One, I can write more often because I […]

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