First Complaint

First, because there will probably be several (bare minimum four). Last week I finished the work on an assignment for AP physics that is worth a fair portion of my quarter grade. The project, for everyone, was outlined as “solving for the forces acting on an object”. I did this, wrote a paper, and solved everything. Great, right. I’m done. Except not really, because today when I went to check with the [interesting person] that teaches my class he decided that my project should really focus on the velocity of the wheels and centrifugal forces and conservation of mass (I don’t know this crap, we’ll cover it in the third quarter. This, according to the teacher who told me to do it anyway). Also, it’s due the next day, along with a presentation.

I’m not entirely certain why his critique of my work didn’t end with “may the odds be ever in your favor”

Oh never mind, I figured it out. They’re clearly not.

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