Henry the activist: Up with the government!

I support my government. The followers of Banksy apparently do not support my government, and I think this is because they fail to see the big picture, despite their proclamations to the contrary. When I look at the government of the United States I see two things; a massive amount of flaws that need to be addressed, and a massive force for order and peace. The government of my country has issues, and I acknowledge that, and it disappoints me. But that kinda should be expected, because the government is made up by the people, and the people have issues. So this post is a response to the [fake] Banksy twitter page as a fellow citizen of the general population. Our government is awesome. Even now, when the chairman of the senate committee on the environment is a moron and NASA is run by Ted Cruz, the government is working to protect you, to help you, to keep you safe. So shut up with your juvenile arguments that the government is pure evil and that only people that spray paint onto buildings know the truth. Half the posts on the page talk about how we need to learn more. So try learning what your government does for you before you deface another one of its buildings.

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