Not the New York Times

I wish that I was a writer for the New York Times, or the Washington Post, because that would be really cool. But instead I write a blog which is named after a high school wiffle ball club [of which I am President]. This means a couple of things. One, I can write more often because I can write crap like this. Two, editing is left to me and therefore is done rather poorly until someone else looks at it. And three, jesus, Dad if you don’t like the post you can at least read past the first paragraph before putting it down and announcing you’re bored. I spent a fair bit of time on it and I was proud of it and you were just like, “oh this sucks” before you even made it to the good part. Would it hurt that much [editors note, which is me, as I mentioned earlier: this post is a direct response to my Dad’s response to the first version of the up with the government post, which was admittedly rather lengthly and bad]. Still, it’s not like everything on his blog [] is amazing the first time he writes it, and the rest of us do listen to him form the thoughts that are then carefully crafted into masterpieces that still aren’t published in the Washington Post and aren’t that much better than me and whaaaaaaaa! Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day, people reading this.

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