Sure, I’ll get to that

I should go to bed now. Unfortunately for my body, the part of my brain that thinks stuff (despite not being fully formed for like 7 more years) is totally active. Specifically, it is writing this blog post. The point of this blog post, according to the part of my brain that is opposed to sleep, is to inform people how good I am at not doing stuff, even when I subconsciously want to be doing it (like sleeping). In addition to the excellent example I have presented several times already, I can and often do forget to eat lunch until sometime near 5 o’clock. This problem generally occurs in the summer, because I wake up and eat and then go to swim practice and then eat again at around 9:30, so when I finally get hungry again it’s about 2 o’clock and when I finally make the arduous trip from my room up the flight of stairs to the kitchen, and then back down to the microwave (lunch at this point is generally a bagel, because cooking is to hard at this point because I’m so hungry), and then all the way back up, a process that takes at least 5 minutes, it’s somehow 4:45 and dinner is only a couple hours away.

With all this in mind, potential college recruiters might think that I am an unmotivated student. This is not so. I managed to get 5 A’s and 2 B’s this quarter while taking 6 college level classes and orchestra (the good one, not the cop out easy orchestra). Which makes me curious as to whether or not I should be doing better in school (definitely, there’s always room for improvement *winks at Harvard*), or if my brain is just designed to be good at school and terrible at living like a normal person. My lack of any relationships (friends/relatives/other not included, you know what I meant) to this point may point towards the second option, but the rest of the statement seems undeniably false, so I’m sticking with the invisible option C, which is that my brain is neither designed for school or modern social life and is instead a haphazard center of conflicting emotions built on top of an incredibly well designed death-by-tiger-jaws avoider.

So that kinda went all over the place. I hope you laughed, because it seemed funny when I wrote it. But again, I may just be sleep deprived.

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