Now comes the spring of their discontent

In Saudi Arabia, of course, This will be a quick one (coincidentally, that’s what my physics teacher said about a problem that took him an hour to get wrong). I’d just like to say, as a professional blogger (I’m past a week into this, so I consider myself to be an expert), that it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the man who transitioned Saudi  Arabia into a democracy with freedom of speech and western human rights laws worthy of being a U.S. ally.

Just kidding. Though I wonder if his death will bring about an Arab Spring type event in Saudi Arabia, or if the country will continue beheading women for [alleged] attempt assault and imprisoning and whipping bloggers (yes, bloggers, people like me only with more influence, who still can do almost nothing to actually change the physical world).

So good luck, Saudi Arabia. I hope that you go crazy, and then somehow turn it into a bloodless revolution and then end up as a pillar of democracy and freedom that leads to a new wave of reforms in the middle east.

May the odds be ever in your favor. (Except with the sharia law beheading of people locking up journalist crap. Stop it.)

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