The Many Steps Involved in a Bad Youtube Video

Hello devoted readers (maybe it’s just my mom, but so what?). The following post is a response to the shocked looks I got at lunch today when I informed my friends that it had in fact taken 2.5 hours to make a 1 minute 14 second filler video for my club YouTube Page. So for those of you out there that have never made a video, or are good at making them, here’s a breakdown of my 2.5 hours.

7:38: Begin writing script, co-opt brother for additional support in video

8:12: engage in script rewrites after spending the last 30 minutes making footage no one will ever see

8:14: eat dessert

8:20: go back downstairs, try to film the whole thing with just the lights from behind the camera and no overhead ones, to see if the video turns out to be really cool that way.

8:24: watch first cut like that. Never try it again ever.

8:30: waste time with bad scripted version

8:50: accomplish successful take for intro and announcement portion of video

8:55: drag your mother downstairs so that she can record the background percussion track for the intro music.

9:00 :take three of intro music

9:05: upload all videos on to computer, check Facebook.

9:25: final cut has been completed, export as quicktime file

9:30: first attempt at youtube upload

9:35: second attempt at youtube upload

9:40: send link into wiffle ball group chat, wait for response while watching old videos over and over again

10:00: receive the good news: someone liked the video!!!

Here’s the video I was talking about, it’s not the best:

Here’s the best video:

Have a nice day

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