Stupid People Make Me Angry

I assume they make most other people angry too. The unexpected outburst of rage I am currently expressing is a direct result of making it two minutes into the Nightly Show round table segment discussing the merits of vaccinations. The second person that spoke was the president of some organization spouting nonsense about parenting smart, “the thinking mom” or something, and she spoke about how she supports vaccines being a choice that parents should be allowed to make because parents have to protect their kids. The science is in, people. Evolution is real. The earth is getting warmer. A pinprick in the arm is better then measles and tuberculosis. Stupid people that advocate for stupid things is annoying. And importantly in the case of the last point, stupid people have power. This idiot that thinks her kids are safer risking exposure to measles than trusting over half a century of science was on TV! There are people that firmly believe global warming is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind” running the Senate Committee on Science, Technology, and the Environment.

Now I don’t claim to be super smart (my mom does that for me). But I can see stupidity in action, and it’s everywhere. Why is it everywhere? When will it stop? Is this sounding too preachy?

Anyway, don’t be stupid.

And have a nice day.

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