Henry’s Life By Shoes: Freshman Year

I was inspired by my friend Sadie, who also made a post about her life through shoes. Interestingly, hers contained exactly two pairs of shoes, which shows a remarkable consistency in shoe choice for a person that has lived 17 years. I, on the other hand, go through shoes at the rate of your average boy. One pair every 6 months from ages 4-14, due to my amazing ability to beat the crap out of my shoes, followed by a longer shoe lifetime and more diverse catalogue for the last couple of years. This post focusses just on my freshman year collection (originally, it was suppose to be all of high school, but it got really long before hitting sophomore year, so this is gonna be a serial post) and how it affects me as a person (Sadie’s blog is really serious and deep and introspective and stuff, and it inspired me to be serious, which you may have noticed I am really great at. For example, just now I changed the contraction I’m to I am to sound more formal. So don’t worry, there’s no chance I get through this without making you laugh, I’d get bored otherwise).

How many pairs of orange and black nikes do you own? I, as a freshman, had three, all the same black body shoe with an orange swoosh, representative of my continuing fanatical support (okay, enthusiastic, I ain’t about to spray an SF on my chest) of the San Francisco Giants (for those of you unfamiliar, that is of course the greatest american sports team of all time ever always [I look forward to your angry letters]). Just to be clear, I didn’t have all three pairs at the same time, the first pair worn down to the point where it was silver in the front due to duct tape, the second pair was stolen of the front porch, and the third pair replaced the second pair.

I also had cleats (baseball, I’m not into sports where people run or get hurt or exert themselves in any way), for my extensive appearances (totally an average of an inning per game in about 18 of the 20 we played) for the Generals JV Baseball team (announced by non other than my mother, or course).

And then I have my dockers (still got ’em, they look like low cut cowboy boots in black), which I got in 9th grade (black shoes, worn for orchestra concerts and school dances [actually, there’s only one dance, which is sad because I never (New Years excluded) get invited to parties]).

Scarily enough, that pretty much covers me as a freshman: baseball fanatic and orchestra member, who went to the homecoming dance (alone, man, because I’m cool like that), and went on the New York trip with the orchestra which included parties (I really lucked out on the shoe packing there, just the one pair, and the nikes for walking around NYC reppin’ the Giants ). Plus, there are no shoes that say “did ok in math” or “joined AP world three weeks in and still got a B and a 4 of the AP test”, or “needs to stop creating fake quotes”. So yeah. Freshman year by shoes. Man, if you asked me yesterday, I would have never though of this.

It’s actually really interesting though. So as an experiment, I’m going to ask you (not you, mom, we can just talk about it tomorrow) Please think about if the shoes thing applies to you, and if you feel so inspired, get back to me, because I require constant external validation every time I do anything.  hsbseattle@gmail.com

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