It’s really cold

I think I’ve lived in Arlington for 6 years, and other than one massive snowstorm in 2010, winter here hasn’t been that impressive. Until now. Today’s high temperature is 16 degrees. The wind chill was -5 when I went to school, which was at 10 o’clock because the busses were too cold to start on time. […]

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Self Promoting Post

The entirety of this post is me linking to my new (and currently almost empty) youtube channel. Because if there’s one thing the world needs, it’s multiple youtube channels run by me. You can click on the image to visit the youtube page. Or if you want, you can just click here: and to visit the […]

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My mom wrote a blog post about donuts and it got her like 6 followers or something (related note, my mom and dad both have blogs as well) (related note to the related note, my family is totally not weird) So I’m also writing a post about donuts, because I am a glutton for attention. […]

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