Henry’s Life By Shoes: Sophomore Year

Operating under the misguided opinion that other people really want to know more about me, or my shoes, I now present to you part two of high school.

Year two of high school, in case you forgot, is sophomore year. In what can only be described as a massive switch in lifestyle choices, I adjusted my wardrobe to include more than orange and black nikes. Specifically, new flip flops and grey and black vans (I think they look cool, Burns thinks they look like clown shoes). The corresponding life changes that accompany my new shoes were a) I got a job as a lifeguard (flip flops) and b) not much else. I mean, I guess my lunch table expanded from sitting on the floor in the hallway with 2 other people to an entire section of the cafeteria (our area was commonly known to the rest of the school as the “left corner near the doors”), but other than that, I was basically the same person with a slightly shorter haircut. I got new, nicer cleats, and bailed on the orchestra trip on account of it being an 18 hour bus ride to florida (as much as I love school funded bus trips and severe sleep deprivation, I turned it down).

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