My mom wrote a blog post about donuts and it got her like 6 followers or something (related note, my mom and dad both have blogs as well) (related note to the related note, my family is totally not weird) So I’m also writing a post about donuts, because I am a glutton for attention.


Her post was about various places to eat donuts (from Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Washington DC, and New York. It was very comprehensive). My post is about trying to make the donuts out of the recipe book we bought at Top Pot Doughnuts (those of you that know me (i.e., all of you, except apparently one person in France that viewed the site) may recognize the name as the one plastered on two shirts and a ski hat that I wear regularly).


Donuts are a massive, enormous, epically huge mess, especially when I tried to make them. So it was not really a surprise that my dad, expecting said huge mess, refused to ever allow me to attempt the culinary masterpiece. However, due to a series of events, he was away in Los Angeles for the weekend and my mom gave me the go-ahead (to be fair, she also insisted that I clean the thing up.). So I went ahead and made them.


Step one involved throwing flour all over the kitchen in an attempt to wrangle a ridiculous amount of flour and sugar and shortening into a stand mixer. Stand mixers, by the way, are designed by the paper towel industry (you heard it here first, folks). Anyway, so I got all of the stuff into the bowl and mixed it (for too long, as it turned out) and then added more flour and put it on a baking sheet and put it in the fridge for the night (I started at 8pm on Saturday). Then we watched Despicable Me, which,according to many of my insider sources, is an important part of the cooking process.

So on Sunday I got up early and proofed the donuts and made sure the kitchen was ready…. Ok, I did none of that, because I was sleeping until 10:30 (I still count that as getting up early). But my mom got the donuts proofed, so I got to go straight to cutting them into donut shape and putting them back into proofing oven. That was steps 3-7 (I skipped a few in the description)Donuts 3

Step 8: Went to the grocery store to buy powdered sugar (frosting) and guacamole (Superbowl).

When we got back, it was time to risk burning down the house over fried food fry stuff. Frying donuts required about $6 worth of oil heated to the insane temperature of 350 degrees (and continually heated so that it ended up above 400). But it is totally worth it, because frying things is awesome.
Donuts 2

The end result of this explosion of flour and frying oil was a rather impressively ok donut. It may not have been the best donut ever (or even the most halfway decent donut ever), but it was definitely worth the effort of putting stuff in a mixer.


Rating for making donuts: 8/10

My Mom’s guide to superior donuts (among other less food related things):

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