An explanation of March Distractedness

March Distractedness is a bit like March Madness: it involves collegiate basketball and and it drags down everyone’s grades. Where it differs from the NCAA tournament is that March Distractedness (in addition to being a term I made up) does not make a billion dollars in involves only watching basketball.

March Distractedness is what I am calling the general trend of school being put second behind watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Students at my high school (and most other high schools, I assume) have made brackets, downloaded apps, and made sure that they can watch every game, live, on their phones or their computers. For lucky some students, teachers just give up and put the game on the board in the front of class so that everyone can keep up with the action in 79 inch low def splendor.

From what other people have told me (because I of course would never watch any games during school, even if the Michigan State game that was on while we were watching a video about Mexican artists in History), it is incredibly easy to get away with watching games on your phone, which is great for all of the us those other people that watch games in class.

The problem with March Distractedness will emerge in about a week, when we have tests and people don’t know the material because of the tournament. But until then, shh, if you talk too loud UCLA will lose.

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