Wiffle Ball By the Numbers

The school year has ended, and with it the official end of the first year of the Washington Lee High School Wiffle Ball Club (WLHSWBC for relatively shorter). Due to the existence of YouTube analytics, keeping track of fairly stupid statistics has become a large part of the wiffle ball club management. With that in mind, I present to you WLHSWBC by the numbers


Number of people at our very first meeting, which was held in a trailer classroom on a day where the clouds burst right after school ended, thus making the trek to the trailers very uninviting.


Total Club members by the end of the year, including 16 at our final official meeting.


Dollars raised by selling baklava at the holiday bazaar, thanks to a helpful donation from the Arlington Diner (they provided all the food).


Videos on the Wiffle Ball Club Youtube Channel , 15 of which are almost worth watching.


Lifetime views of our videos, dating back to the channels inception in November.


Countries in which the videos have been viewed (U.S., Japan, South Korea). We suspect that the names of the videos cause them to appear in the “suggested for you section” for people watching world baseball classic videos, thus bringing in the other two countries.


States and federal districts where our videos have been viewed, suggesting that our channel is probably going to explode into widespread popularity at some point in the future.


Percent viewership of our videos by men, according to youtube.


Percent of the club members who are male.


T-Shirts ordered and acquired by the club.


T-Shirts somehow still in my house.


Minimum number of years the club can currently expect to last, with the promise of membership from several incoming freshman.


Number of seconds it takes to play the wiffle ball club theme song.


Minutes it took to create the wiffle ball theme song.


Level of satisfaction, on a scale of one to ten, of the club’s existence, activities, and general level of greatness during it’s first year.

That brings us to the close of wiffle ball by the numbers, and for all of us here in the room next to the Henry Bendon Studio for the Youtube Arts, I’m the President, My friend Will Burns is the sidekick, and you probably should watch the last 30 seconds of this video for context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQBnydIfDrs

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