Henry Bendon, famous radio star

Regular readers of this site (Hi Mom!) will remember that a few weeks ago I took it upon myself to apply for a bunch of appointed positions within the new presidential administration. In a normal year, applying to a Trump administration job would probably become a semi interesting stand alone story that never really developed into anything. But it’s not a normal year, or really even anything close to it, and so on Monday adults that haven’t seen or heard me in years called my parents to say that on the way home from work they heard my voice on the radio.

the author, seen here in a picture that has nothing to do with this article

But so yeah, My friend Eamon and I applied online to be Secretary of State (and some other things), and then a few days later we ended up sitting in the back of math scrolling through Twitter when he came across a post from Marketplace Reporter Nancy Marshall-Genzer asking for people who applied to be in the Trump administration to Direct Message her. Because we were in math class and I needed something to distract myself from the unending pain and suffering that is integrals, we decided to message Mrs. Marshall-Genzer, and were very surprised to receive an almost immediate response asking if we could call her.

the author and his mother, taking pictures that do not relate to this story

Obviously we took her up on the opportunity and, after five minutes of explaining to her a little bit of our political interests, including that we were Hillary supporters (which seemed to surprise her, for obvious reasons), she had us call her back on her interview line and tape a some questions that she said she might use in a story.

Image result for marketplace
The marketplace logo. That’s kinda relevant

40 minutes later we finished the phone call and went to lunch knowing that there was now a small chance that we were going to be on national radio.


By the way, I’ve made two weekly shows since I got to school. Click on this photo to visit that website.

Unfortunately for Eamon, it turned out that our role in the story was limited, as we had expected, to the interesting note at the end about how some random college kids. It turns out that treating the unique application process of this administration as an opportunity to try to pad their resume and maybe help the country, which were topics that I spoke more about then he did. Somewhere on the cutting room floor are all of Eamon’s quotes (which were pretty good, to be honest), as well as his name (we were referred to on air as Henry Bendon and friend).

a random picture of the author playing someone else’s guitar in tenth grade


While it was a little disappointing that Eamon didn’t make it (more then a little for Eamon, but as I have mentioned many times, I was not the one you made the edits), it was still an amazing experience from start to finish. Everything leading up to being interviewed was random and unexpected, and everything after, i.e. hearing my own voice on a show airing nationwide, was really exciting.

And if you want to listen to my ten seconds of being a radio superstar- you can click right here.


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