The Force Awakens

In the beginning, there was this blog. It was not all that well written, and only some of the posts ventured into the realm of entertaining. Then the blog was cast to the wayside by a foray into high school broadcast journalism, where The Weekly Show was born. 

The Weekly Show endured longer than expected, surviving the jump from high school to college and making a few special appearances in Cleveland, but it’s audience was waning until suddenly making the show was more of a burden than a joy – mainly because views were plummeting the creator needed external validation corresponding to his own inflated self worth. 

Then in the winter of that fateful year a change was made. A newspaper, run for students, by students, was looking for writers, and an eager would-be reporter made a change, entering the rough and tumble world of the news division for The Observer, Case Western’s favorite we’re-out-of-napkins-and-there’s-milk-on-the-floor substitute. 

fun fact, The Observer pays in individual $10 Visa gift cards 

It’s now been three years since The Observer first hired that intrepid reporter, and as his career bounced from news to arts and entertainment and photography he realized something was missing, and so took and passed the training course for the radio and returned to the airwaves – first on someone else’s show, and then his own.

In a fit of immense creativity, he named the radio program after it’s youtube precursor, only this time managed to actually interview professors and city councillors, all the while building a resume as an entertaining interviewer with a penchant for flooding the airwaves indie rock during the breaks. 

Now, however, these outlets for creativity are doomed to fall silent, felled temporarily by a semester voyage to a brand new continent. Yet there is hope – a domain, once purchased, and several times unnecessarily renewed, offers once more a chance to espouse useless nonsense to a small audience of family members and malaysian spam bots.

So stay tuned, folks, because seems poised for a comeback…

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