January Abroad

It’s Friday, February 8th, and everyone’s favorite intrepid blogger has been on his own in Ireland for three weeks now. So, you ask, as if you are not my parents and therefore have not been receiving daily updates, what’ve you been up to?

First of all, I’m getting the heck away from this stuff

Well, let’s break it down. Week one was a bit of an interesting experience, as I attended classes without knowing which ones I needed to take or how to enroll in them. Eventually, I learned how to navigate Trinity’s somewhat archaic enrollment system and made my way around campus with my sheet of paper (the horror) to get signatures from individual professors allowing me to take said paper back to the physical academic registry for them to manually enroll me in the wrong classes, forcing me to do the paper again. For those of you thinking, hey, I went to college and we did the same thing and it really wasn’t that bad, you’re correct. But when you’re used to clicking a button on an app, walking places gets old real quick.

My classes, as registered for on *shudders* paper

The most exciting part of the first week of school was Intervarsities, the Irish Intercollegiate Water Polo national tournament that I took part in on Friday and Saturday as a member of the Trinity team. I scored four goals, Trinity won the tournament, and I received a metal congratulating me on being a – this is technically real – national champion of Irish intercollegiate water polo. One week, one medal. It’s how I roll.

National Champion

After week one the number of national championships I averaged per weekend dropped dramatically and continues to do so, but other fun things have occurred. On Sunday the 27th, just one day after conquering all of Ireland, I went hiking between the seaside town of Bray and it’s neighbor Greystones, a hike that was primarily along cliffs and ended with a delicious lunch place that I found before my dad (take that, master trip planner). The hike primarily consisted of a large group of girls who know the other Case kid present on the trip and I was invited at the last minute, which meant that I tagged along as the only guy in a group of nine carrying a fairly nice camera, so I was tagged in on photo duty several times. All in all, it was not as cold as expected and really pretty cool, and the train ride out and back was seven dollars round trip to ride smoothly along the ocean for 40 minutes.

By the time January ended I had successfully registered for classes, gone on a cool day trip, primed my website for the launch of Cory Booker’s presidential campaign, and generally had a great time.

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