March Abroad: Part 2

We return to March a mere four days after the first post ended, when our fearless hero found himself running especially late for his flight to Paris and had to audible and call a cab, arriving at the gate with a mere…55 minutes to spare. Oh well.

Once I’d boarded the plane, things really improved. After three Ryanair flights in the preceding week (and four since), the luxury of flying on a chair with padding and drinking delicious Air France in flight coffee cannot be overstated. Once I’d arrived in Paris and made my way through their famously efficient and welcoming passport control counter (I spent over an hour in line) I hopped aboard the RER and made my way into the city to meet a special guest star in the Henry Abroad series.

Over the next four days Mom and I conducted a whirlwind tour of the City of Lights. Our base of operations, an airbnb built inside of an apartment building that was constructed roughly 1300 years ago based on the ceiling height, was totally awesome, and it’s location two minutes from Les Halles and walking distance from the Centre Pompidou and Louvre led to multiple cocktail and then museum endeavours that definitely improved my appreciation for art.

In other Paris related news, it turns out that EU students under the age of 26 can visit pretty much any museum for free. In order to determine the real world applicability of this knowledge, we grabbed my Trinity ID and Mom’s museum pass and pretty much wandered into every museum we walked by (see our 20 minute stop in the Quai Branly Museum of indigenous and global tribal art) all the while preparing explanations for why Henry the american should qualify as a european that we never needed to use. I also got some really nice new shoes.

We left Paris on Monday with medium difficulty: all of the Ubers in Paris decided against picking us up and we only secured a cab out of the kindness(?) of a driver who didn’t want to wait for the people he was supposed to pick up and so bailed on them to drive us. From there I settled back into my school routine for a whopping 8 whole days before flying to Berlin for a few days to catch up with a friend and generally avoid any pretenses that this semester has serious school based educational value.

Berlin does not have free museums, but as a student you can get it to most of them for one nine euro ticket which is pretty similar. Plus, Berlin is really good at food, although the vegan kebab I was forced to try was pretty much as bad as that combination of words suggest.

By the time I’d flown back to Dublin, I’d spent 15 of the 29 days that month travelling. Fortunately, March has 31 days, so I narrowly avoided having been travelling for more than 50 percent of the month, which is my arbitrary cut off for ridiculousness.

Anyway, that’s all for March. Stay tuned for April sometime in the next one to four weeks.

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