April Abroad

When last we met, our hero was returning to Dublin from Berlin after a month full of planes, trains, and champagne(s). With no plane tickets on the books heading into the month and the specter of finals finally approaching, I took the sensible approach, clearing my schedule and putting in hours every day at the library.

Ok, I didn’t do that at all. In fact, I started the month by finally nailing down my London flight itinerary and blazed my way through some essays, existing in a mildly responsible holding pattern until April 12th, when it was time for Trinity Ball! Trinity Ball is a private music festival thrown on the grounds of Trinity College Dublin. It’s official hours are 10pm till 4am, the dress code is black tie formal, and the lineup featured big name artists like…well ok there weren’t a ton of names that you would recognize (full list here) but that’s not the point.

The next day I woke up at 10:30 in the morning after a long and refreshing night of not sleeping to tour family friends around the city. This story is notable for a few reasons: the visit was quite fun, we got to skip the line, and look how alive I look!

Rally King

From there, dear reader, the month only continued to improve. A mere two days after Trinity Ball I awoke at the normal and reasonable time of 4:05 am to catch a flight to London and to see, for the first time this entire school year, my friend Emmett. London was, to the surprise of no one ever, awesome. I got to the city around 9:30 and then Emmett and I got breakfast, went to the Tate Modern, stopped at a bar on the Thames for a pint, visited the Borough Market for lunch, and then headed back to Emmett’s place so that he could get ready for a soccer match.

He left, I briefly closed my eyes and woke up an hour later, and with time to kill I set off to explore the nearby regents park, where I ended up playing in and dominating a local softball game (I was invited to join the team many teams, my ego still has not recovered). When Emmett returned from the game he met me and my new softball team at a pub where they were buying me drinks (I am, by english standards, very good at softball). Our next stop after returning to his flat to change was the skygarden, a massive bar and indoor weirdly tropical garden on the 40th floor of a building whose name I do not know. Our night then involved one more bar and then finally at 2 in the morning another 40th floor endeavour, this time to secure duck and waffles.

The rest of my London trip was equally awesome. We visited the shoreditch neighborhood and wandered around, walked by Buckingham Palace, passed the same climate protest that inexplicably involved putting a boat in the middle of an intersection for days at a time, and ate pretty much everything we came across. Entertainingly, Emmett’s pick for indian food, a London must, was Dishoom, which is also my mom’s go to.

London was over seemingly before it began, and after a genuinely enjoyable flight back to dublin and absolutely miserable 90 minutes in passport control that caused me to have to take a bus that took me at closest 1.5 miles from home I was back in Ireland, and before I could get down to the business of studying for my two remaining tests I needed to follow my friends to the town of Dun Laoghaire (inexplicably, this is pronounced Dun Leary) to jump off of a rock into the 51 degree ocean.

That’s all for now, I need to go back to rewatching every Marvel movie ever as I attempt to cope with the emotional roller coaster that was Avengers: Endgame.

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