About the blogger

Henry Bendon is a college student at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland), who still lives just outside of Washington DC. He spends a majority of his time (school included) studying researching a variety of topics from politics to stand up comedians to every bit of information anyone could ever possibly want to know about late night television. He was also the president, founder, t-shirt co-designer, treasurer, bureaucracy dealer with, web site designer, youtube page creator, and youtube host for the Washington Lee High School Wiffle Ball club. (https://sites.google.com/site/wlhswiffleballclub/home/, http://www.wlhswbc.wordpress.com/), as well as the current league leader in strikeouts (as a pitcher). He is now all of those positions (emeritus) and Vice President of CWRU club water polo. He is a reporter for the CWRU campus newspaper, The Observer. He has parents and a little brother.

IMG_0403if you wish to contact Henry, you can email him at hsbseattle@gmail.com. If you take his email and put it in anything he doesn’t like, ( read like Liam Neeson) he will find you(‘re email) and he will write something that could be described as kinda angry.

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