May Abroad: Part 2

Here’s a fun travel tip for you. If you’re ever flying Ryanair and you don’t want to pay for seat selection, check in as late as you possibly can. My anecdotal use of the “random” algorithm they run has put me in the middle of row 25 both times I’ve checked in right when the […]

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May Abroad: Part 1

Well dear readers, we’re in the endgame now. May marked the final month of the Henry abroad experience, and it was a doozy. It began, as all normal months do, with a quick jaunt across the Atlantic to drop as much stuff off as possible and to finally be home during one of Isaac’s regular […]

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April Abroad

When last we met, our hero was returning to Dublin from Berlin after a month full of planes, trains, and champagne(s). With no plane tickets on the books heading into the month and the specter of finals finally approaching, I took the sensible approach, clearing my schedule and putting in hours every day at the […]

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March Abroad: Part 2

We return to March a mere four days after the first post ended, when our fearless hero found himself running especially late for his flight to Paris and had to audible and call a cab, arriving at the gate with a mere…55 minutes to spare. Oh well. Once I’d boarded the plane, things really improved. […]

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March Abroad: Part 1

After two months of living responsibly, carefully tracking my finances, and attending all of my classes, I’d had enough. Fortunately, the first week of march corresponded with Trinity’s “reading week” (read: spring break but fancy) and I was able to start working on destroying my conservative lifestyle in favor of a more exciting European adventure. […]

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February Abroad

February was all about exploring Dublin County. I visited Malahide, which is home to a small but expensive to visit castle, and Howth, a seaside town with some amazing hikes and lots of fish, and then explored the city itself later on when my friend Will and his mom arrived and required a local(ish) tour […]

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January Abroad

It’s Friday, February 8th, and everyone’s favorite intrepid blogger has been on his own in Ireland for three weeks now. So, you ask, as if you are not my parents and therefore have not been receiving daily updates, what’ve you been up to? Well, let’s break it down. Week one was a bit of an […]

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The Force Awakens

In the beginning, there was this blog. It was not all that well written, and only some of the posts ventured into the realm of entertaining. Then the blog was cast to the wayside by a foray into high school broadcast journalism, where The Weekly Show was born.  The Weekly Show endured longer than expected, […]

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Miami: the non donut bits

As many of my readers (Hi Mom!) are no doubt aware, I am currently in Miami for spring break. With Cleveland hovering in the low 20s and the mid-atlantic not much better, it turns out that a getaway to the high 70s and warm oceans was basically the best possible decision I could’ve made for […]

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