Henry Bendon, famous radio star

Regular readers of this site (Hi Mom!) will remember that a few weeks ago I took it upon myself to apply for a bunch of appointed positions within the new presidential administration. In a normal year,¬†applying to a Trump administration job would probably become a semi interesting stand alone story that never really developed into […]

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My mom wrote a blog post about donuts and it got her like 6 followers or something (related note, my mom and dad both have blogs as well) (related note to the related note, my family is totally not weird) So I’m also writing a post about donuts, because I am a glutton for attention. […]

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First Complaint

First, because there will probably be several (bare minimum four). Last week I finished the work on an assignment for AP physics that is worth a fair portion of my quarter grade. The project, for everyone, was outlined as “solving for the forces acting on an object”. I did this, wrote a paper, and solved […]

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