The Secretary of State long list

There’s a short list of politicians and generals who’ve met with President-Elect Donald Trump in the last few weeks to earn cabinet positions. Mitt Romney, David Petraeus, and Rudy Giuliani have all appeared in the news recently after meeting with Donald Trump to discuss cabinet positions as The Donald attempts to translate his intentional politically […]

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Wiffle Ball By the Numbers

The school year has ended, and with it the official end of the first year of the Washington Lee High School Wiffle Ball Club (WLHSWBC for relatively shorter). Due to the existence of YouTube analytics, keeping track of fairly stupid statistics has become a large part of the wiffle ball club management. With that in […]

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Back By Popular Demand

Due to impending AP/IB tests and baseball season’s incredible ability to take over every possible second of free time, the President Henry blog has been unfortunately quiet over the past several days (weeks, months, I don’t even remember the last time I wrote something worth posting). However, several exciting events have necessitated the return to dumping my […]

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[Bad driving] school

If you were wondering why drivers sometimes make incredibly strange turns and entirely dangerous lane changes, or really any other stupid driving decision, you’re in luck, because after 2.6 years of research I have found the source of the issue. That source: the hallways of our nation’s high schools. Despite signs on the stairs directing which side to go […]

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It’s really cold

I think I’ve lived in Arlington for 6 years, and other than one massive snowstorm in 2010, winter here hasn’t been that impressive. Until now. Today’s high temperature is 16 degrees. The wind chill was -5 when I went to school, which was at 10 o’clock because the busses were too cold to start on time. […]

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Sure, I’ll get to that

I should go to bed now. Unfortunately for my body, the part of my brain that thinks stuff (despite not being fully formed for like 7 more years) is totally active. Specifically, it is writing this blog post. The point of this blog post, according to the part of my brain that is opposed to […]

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Not the New York Times

I wish that I was a writer for the New York Times, or the Washington Post, because that would be really cool. But instead I write a blog which is named after a high school wiffle ball club [of which I am President]. This means a couple of things. One, I can write more often because I […]

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