The Secretary of State long list

There’s a short list of politicians and generals who’ve met with President-Elect Donald Trump in the last few weeks to earn cabinet positions. Mitt Romney, David Petraeus, and Rudy Giuliani have all appeared in the news recently after meeting with Donald Trump to discuss cabinet positions as The Donald attempts to translate his intentional politically […]

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Back By Popular Demand

Due to impending AP/IB tests and baseball season’s incredible ability to take over every possible second of free time, the President Henry blog has been unfortunately quiet over the past several days (weeks, months, I don’t even remember the last time I wrote something worth posting). However, several exciting events have necessitated the return to dumping my […]

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DC to New York in under 2 hours.

That’s what the Acela Express could do, if the tracks it ran on were upgraded. The Acela express is a highish speed train line that runs from Washington DC to Boston with limited stops, covering the distance in about 7 hours. Its faster time schedule, onboard wifi and relatively new train carriages have allowed Amtrak […]

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Stupid People Make Me Angry

I assume they make most other people angry too. The unexpected outburst of rage I am currently expressing is a direct result of making it two minutes into the Nightly Show round table segment discussing the merits of vaccinations. The second person that spoke was the president of some organization spouting nonsense about parenting smart, […]

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Marco Rubio 2016?

Watching Senator Marco Rubio’s Daily Show interview the other day, I could not help but to be both impressed with his ideas and immensely frustrated with his attempts to marry his political ambitions with his legislative ambitions. The senators ideas for extending and modifying the child reimbursement part of the tax code so that instead […]

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