The Force Awakens

In the beginning, there was this blog. It was not all that well written, and only some of the posts ventured into the realm of entertaining. Then the blog was cast to the wayside by a foray into high school broadcast journalism, where The Weekly Show was born.  The Weekly Show endured longer than expected, […]

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Miami: the non donut bits

As many of my readers (Hi Mom!) are no doubt aware, I am currently in Miami for spring break. With Cleveland hovering in the low 20s and the mid-atlantic not much better, it turns out that a getaway to the high 70s and warm oceans was basically the best possible decision I could’ve made for […]

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Unconventional Investing

Following the disappointing outcome of the 2016 presidential election I started browsing the internet to check the availability of presidential campaign related URLs for potential democratic candidates in 2020. My reasoning behind this was primarily based on an episode of The League wherein the character Taco accidentally buys “” and then gets paid 250 thousand dollars […]

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